Welcome to Learn English in Canada

I might be biased as I live here but Canada is the best place in the world to learn English and as a matter of fact for the English immersion that is so important in becoming fluent.

You could go to the following countries to learn English: Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zeeland, and USA.

Great Britain (or the United Kingdom) would be the first choice, after all you want to learn how to speak Queen’s English.

However, there are not many differences between the English spoken in all these countries with of course the accent and to learn how to talk in a British accent would be too difficult and better use the energy and time to write and speak correctly, and to make yourself understood.

I once met someone from Switzerland who was studying English in Vancouver and when I asked him why he didn’t go to London he said that London was close enough so he would have many opportunities to go to England. I was impressed by the logic and this is a best argument why someone from Europe (and close to Europe) should study English in Canada.

Map of countries where English is the official language

Map of countries where English Language is official

As you can see Australia and New Zeeland are too much out of way. Ireland is too small and also, see the reason above why learn English in Canada vs. in the United Kingdom.

USA is a good candidate, large, and many cities to choose from. However, the criminality is higher in the USA than Canada (bad things could happen everywhere and there are so many foreigners study and visit the USA without any incidents but why take a chance if it is not necessary).

Where Canada outshines everyone is having one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world. You would enjoy so many outdoor activities you would not regret choosing to study English in Canada. After all I don’t know any other country in the world where you can find free (‘free’ as in you don’t have to pay, have to emphasize it) tennis courts.

You will experience a new way of life!

And remember the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Learning English is work after all so you would need to play as well :).

And the last but not least argument in favor of choosing a language school from Canada is … ‘emigration’. As far as I know Australia, Canada, and New Zeeland are the only countries in the world who still accept immigrants. There might be a lengthy process but as long as you fulfill the criteria you are welcome to come. And studying English in Canada would give you a chance to experience the life in Canada and see firsthand whether you would like to apply for immigration to Canada.

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