CLC Montreal

CLC Montreal is located in the heat of Monkland Village.

The school offers:

•part-time and full-time language programs for English and French learners
•part-time language programs for Spanish and Japanese learners
•personalized private lessons for any language
•customized language courses for businesses

The CLC system:

"Master the language through Conversation & Communication.

YOU speak:  Speak the majority of the time in each lesson.  Feel comfortable learning from your mistakes, which will help you progress and build real speaking abilities.

TEACHER corrects: Our teachers correct your vocabulary / grammar / structure / pronunciation on an individual basis.  You are consistently corrected and lessons are planned to help you learn from your mistakes.

WE guide: Your progress is monitored during and after the class.  Teachers track your learning progress and needs through a personal Student Learning File.  We help focus your learning to guide you to the next level."


Admissions Fees

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